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Three Quality Japanese Denim Brands..

When most people think about Japanese denim, names that spring to mind might be Evisu, Edwin and maybe some European brands such as Nudie and Diesel which use Japanese denim to create their jeans.  However, in the last few years, a few lesser known brands have cropped up and are making a name for themselves in the USA and Europe because of their high grade manufacturing, eye-catching designs and serious style.  For those of you who don’t already know, a few of these brands are often discussed at the Superfuture Denim Forum.

We here are Denim Geek are huge fans of all things Japanese and thought we’d recommend three of our favourite brands to you guys.  All three are currently available from top notch US denim store, Self Edge.

1. Dry Bones

Self Edge x Dry Bones x Superfuture = SEXDBXS09

Although we’ve mentioned above that newer brands are cropping up.  Dry Bones are a company with over 20 years experience in creating beautiful denim garments and come from the second generation of denim brands worldwide, fitting somewhere between the first big american brands and newer brands from the last 10 years.

Self Edge x Dry Bones x Superfuture = SEXDBXS09

Dry Bones is based in Tokyo and is heavily influenced by 1940s and 50s rock n’ roll styles.  The brand was founded by a few Japanese denim geeks who adore rock music.  Their denim lines are stylish and timeless and it really is a wonder why the brand has taken so long to find it’s way into the spotlight.

2. Skull Jeans by an Alchemist

Skull 5507xx 6x6

Skull 5507xx 6x6

After his first brand, Fabfour, Japanese designer Hiroshi Yamazaki created Skull Jeans by an Alchemist.  This newer brand’s main focus is how to apply their quality denim to their rock inspired designs.  The brand is rather small but creates jeans which are simple, yet beautiful and stylish.  The brand are now becoming known for creating mainly slim and skinny jeans with a modern twist on the cuts and for using top quality, durable denim.  The guys at Skull Jeans will stop at nothing to make their products stand out and you will be noticed rocking a pair of these.

3. Real Japan Blues

Real Japan Blues 106BSP - Slim Straight

Our third recommended brand is this Japan inspired post is Real Japan Blues or RJP for short.  This brand hails from Nagano in central Japan and the company is known to style nerds for their slightly crazy approach to creating even the simplest of garments.  Real Japan Blues used techniques which other brands would not dream of including rope dying and complete pattern hand painting.  Their heavy denims are made from the finest quality cotton from Zimbabwe and tends to look ‘hairy’ indigo look after the first wash.  These jeans will fade like nothing else.

Real Japan Blues 106BSP - Slim Straight

All of these amazing Japanese brands and more are available in the USA and online from Self Edge, the high quality denim store based in San Francisco, which should be proud to carry what Denim Geek would regard some of the greatest denim brands in the world.  Check them out at www.selfedge.com.


  • Mark C.

    September 07, 09 2009 09:45:00

    The leather patch on the Dry Bones, Self Edge, SuFu denim is SUPER DOPE!!!

  • Harwell

    September 04, 09 2010 04:07:28

    Are there any good Brit dress jeans. Everything is US or Japanese

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