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Interview: Brandon Svarc (Naked and Famous Denim)

Brandon Svarc: Founder of Naked and Famous Denim

Top of our christmas list this year and a personal favourite of ours is Canadian setup, Naked and Famous Denim.  We featured them a while back and have since fell in love with not only their jeans, but the history and concept of this up and coming denim brand.  Naked and Famous was founded by 26 year old Brandon Svarc and Denim Geek managed to grab a few minutes of his time earlier this week…

For readers who don’t know, can you let us know what Naked and Famous Denim is all about and what the brand represents?

Naked & Famous Denim is the opposite of everything that is wrong with the “premium” denim industry. Instead of selling “glamour” and “celebrity culture”, we just make a better jean for a better price. We find special and rare Japanese denim, then import it into Canada where we do all our production, and, we keep everything fully raw and simple.

Have you always been interested in denim?  How did you get into the industry?

My family has been in this crazy industry for over 57 years. When I was a little kid, I used to play in the warehouse amidst tons of boxes of denim. So I would say that denim is in my blood.

If any, which other brands influenced Naked and Famous Denim?

We love the innovation and quality of several Japanese heritage brands like Samurai, Skull, Oni, Momotaro, Studio D’Artisan, etc. But we are not a “repro” or “revival” brand. We simply try to take pieces of influence from this movement and make it affordable to the fashion and forward-thinking market.  I do also love what Common Projects is doing, they just keep it simple and focus on quality materials rather than “design”.

Why concentrate on three styles?  In the future will Naked and Famous be making more fits?

We are very happy with our 3 fits right now. We’ve got skinny, tapered and straight fits, which should be able to satisfy most consumers. We have no need for bootcut, flare or baggy jeans, we’ll leave those cuts to the “Hollywood” and “Glamour” brands who certainly have that market covered.

Along with the quality japanese denim, we love the pop-art style leather patch.  Can you tell us a little more about it?

The pop-art patch is a piece of satire. Just like 1950s pop-art was intended to make fun of our culture who obsessed with the Ideal Blond figure, we intend to make fun of the current celebrity-obsessed culture, and in hand, celebrity-endorsed denim brands.

Can you tell Denim Geek readers about your unique silk denim?

The silk denim is pretty neat. It contains a blend of 30% silk yarn, which after wear turns quite soft but increases the tensile strength of the denim.  If you like blended denim, we also have cashmere denim (with 8% cashmere) and Kevlar denim (with 20% Kevlar, commonly used to make body armour).

Where do see the brand going in the next few years?

We are growing quite quickly and are expanding our product line and reach. We have already added shirts, suits, belts, ties, baseball gloves, and will soon add sweatshirts, tshirts, cardigans, duffle bags, leather goods and more.  We already sell to great stores all over the world and will expand of presence outside our strongest current markets of USA, Canada and Japan.

You can read more about Naked and Famous Denim at www.nakedandfamousdenim.com.


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