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Brands: Edwin


Edwin Jeans have grown hugely in popularity over the last few years, with the demand for quality, raw denim on the up.  However, this japanese brand has a rich history dating all the way back to 1947.

K.K. Tsunemi acted on his passion for denim and jeans by importing them from the USA, as no denim was being made in japan at the time.  Tsunemi needed to mend and clean the dirty, worn fabrics by hand to sell on to his customers.


In 1951, domestically made denim became available in japan but was of inferior quality and weight than most American denims.  Tsunemi concentrated on developing new styles and fits of jeans concentrating on quality fabrics and washes.  The first Edwin jeans were created in 1961 and took their name from the letters in the word DENIM and flipping the M to a W.  In 1963, Edwin created a pair of jeans from the world’s heaviest ringspun denim. Weighing in at 16oz, the jeans featured the famous rainbow selvedge, which is still used on Edwin jeans today.

Edwin are responsible for creating some of the more popular styles of washes available today. In the 1970s, to replicate jeans which had been worn from raw, the company created the ‘old wash’.  In the following decade the brand invented ‘stone washing’, which revolutionised the entire denim industry and was a pivotal moment in the evolution of denim manufacturing.  Stone washing has probably, at one point or another, influenced every denim company in existence.


This brand has came a long way in the last ten years and their popularity is still growing.  Edwin keep on releasing beautiful jeans and collaborations with streetwear brands such as Onitsuka Tiger and MonkeyMajik make the brand even more exciting.

Today, Edwin follow Tsunemi’s ideas and priorities when it comes to the highest quality of denim fabrics, finishing skill, sewing techniques and fitting patterns.

You can check out the Edwin Europe website at www.edwin-europe.com.


  • Johnny Pinto

    August 23, 08 2009 12:01:32

    Great blog!
    Love all the information you have about DENIM!

  • justus

    June 14, 06 2010 10:37:10

    I have bought only one pair on edwin, based on the impression that they were of superior quality than most other brands. I must say that my pair (raw denim) is a huge disappiontment. They became soft and very worn incredibly fast.

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