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A Denim Project: Benzak Denim Developers

BDD-001 Rear Denim Patch

A highlight this week for us was checking out Dutch one-man set up, Benzak Denim Developers.  We love it here at Denim Geek when an individual decides to create their own jeans.  Chances are, no one pair will be the same and each pair of jeans will be packed full of heart and soul.  There are a few guys on the SuperDenim forum who create their own lines and they are well worth checking out.

Benzak Denim Developers is a personal denim project aimed at true connoisseurs of jeans and denim.  The project is ran by one man from The Netherlands, Lennaert, who only creates jeans he himself would wear.  At this point in time, the project works closely with a local factory to maintain the high quality of the product.  The brand only uses denim fabrics made on an original narrow shuttle loom to guarantee authenticity and the vintage feel.  Lennaert is a lover of unwashed denim and is planning to design and develop BDD denim products in their raw state.  The jeans will form and fade to the wearer’s body and will eventually create a unique effect, reflecting the lifestyle of the owner.

BDD-001 Production 1

BDD have just finished creating their first jean, the BDD-001 Limited Dry.  A superior slim fit jean, the 001 is made from 14.50z unwashed green selvedge denim.  They are slightly tapered and have more space toward the upper thigh.  Only 36 pairs have been made and each pair are individually numbered by hand.  With these jeans, every small detail has been taken into account including tidy bartack construction, green selvedge finishing and tone in tone navy polyester threading, which will appear almost invisible at first but should stand out after washing.

You can check out the BDD site at www.benzakdenimdevelopers.com, where a few pairs of the BDD-011 Limited Dry Jeans are still available priced at 179 euros.

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